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Dawn Marie Price



Dawn Marie Price is a Realtor, Business Consultant, and Instructor/Coach based out of Austin, Texas who specializes in Negotiation.  Dawn Marie is a sales agent through a Broker and also is the Owner of Orange Sea Turtle Group, LLC which she runs her consulting, coaching and instructing business.

Dawn Marie is passionate about helping individuals to reach their goals.  No matter if the goal involves real estate or business she loves to provide systems and steps to empower the individuals to achieve the goal or solve a problem.  In real estate, she is a full-service agent that also includes staging and professional photography.

Dawn Marie was a management consultant in Washington, DC before moving to Austin, TX.  She has an undergraduate degree in Hydrogeology, and a master’s in Business Admiration.  As a management consultant, she has been certified as a Professional Project Manager, has a black belt in lean six sigma, and focused on change management.  How does this all this relate to real estate and negotiation?  Starting with Hydrogeology Dawn Marie focused on environmental restoration that when used in a sale of the property is in the form of environmental assessments and EPA Phase 1 and 2.  Project management, lean six sigma, and change management all involve various skills in negotiation. Dawn Marie facilitated working groups and contracts. She has been a mentor and leader throughout her career.

With over 20 years of business, marketing, training and leadership experience from a cross-section of industries as a consultant, she has a large toolbox to provide the right tool for the job, and if the tool is not in her toolbox, she has a warehouse to search for the right one.

When she isn’t working, Dawn Marie enjoys spending time in the kitchen baking or creating a mouthwatering brisket.  She also spends time with her Husband sailing and playing table top games.  You can find them at a gaming convention in Indianapolis every year in August!

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