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Get 45 minutes’ worth of proven tactics from one of the Top 1% real estate professionals in the country - Greg Markov of the Real Estate Negotiation Institute - that you can put into practice today to see EXPLOSIVE growth in your real estate business!

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The tips Greg and top-producing real estate professional Randy Kutz will share with you during this FREE webinar are the proven tactics they used to become world-class real estate professionals. We’ll show you lots of hard data from industry sources AND teach you how to seize more opportunities, bigger commissions and have more free time to do whatever you love!

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“I actually used your information right away. I had a tough negotiation yesterday and planned out, with the clients, our strategy, including anticipating the other side’s potential responses. I had used many techniques in the past, but now I know WHY they worked and can be more intentional. I ALSO now know why some things backfired in the past.”

Mark Gale

One story we’ll share in the webinar… How to Sell a House with Rose Bushes

One of our instructors, Branden, was working with a buyer who wanted desperately to buy a house against 27 OTHER OFFERS at more than the asking price. So he chatted with the seller and discovered a way to create a REAL win-win for everyone WITHOUT offering a penny above the asking price.

(Hint: It has something to do with rose bushes)

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Negotiating is a skill you will use EVERY DAY - not just at work, but everywhere in your life. Go ahead and sign up now. The sooner you watch, the sooner you’ll see the amazing results these small changes make in your career and your life!

Learn to establish “trust” before you even meet

Trust is a HUGE determining factor when someone goes to choose a real estate professional. In this webinar, we'll show you how to establish trust with potential clients before they even meet you.

About the Real Estate Negotiation Institute

The Real Estate Negotiation Institute is the world’s leader in professional negotiation training for real estate professionals We’ve trained more than 50,000 real estate agents all over North American in our 11 years in business. Our training is based on more than 30 years of professional negotiation experience, as well as education from Harvard, Wharton, and Oxford, and all the latest reliable negotiation data from the real estate trenches.