Bruce Dunning




Bruce Dunning has been involved in small business entrepreneurship for the last 30 Years. He led a small drugstore chain in Colorado and then for the last 25 years has been doing the day to day of real estate full time.

Bruce and his team have been top producers in every company they have chosen to be involved with. He now runs his own Company – Dunning Group & Associates LLC – and leads the Dunning Group Team. Bruce and his team will do 70% of their business in residential real estate and the other 30 % in commercial real estate. Bruce is an active teacher, trainer and coach consultant. He will teach and train over 100 days in the class room plus outside coaching. Real life experience in small business has given Bruce the actual negotiation skills to draw from in his adult teaching methods.


The RENI seminar instructors are carefully selected and trained to provide a complete experience in negotiation workshops.

The Real Estate Negotiation Institute is always looking for qualified individuals to instruct future courses . . .   Do you qualify?