Jean Mitchell



I am a RENI Instructor because negotiating for our clients is the #1 skill they are looking for in a Realtor, and this is the #1 program for improving your skills.  I want to help our real estate professionals enhance their negotiating skills so their client’s goals are realized in their home purchasing or home selling.  The CNE and MCNE classes are the best I have found to do just that.  Not only will you learn negotiating skills, but as a result you will also gain confidence in yourself and your ability to service your clients.  Although it may be a cliché – Knowledge is Power. I have been a Realtor for over 11 years and an instructor for 4 years.  I have worked with agents new to the industry and agents with more experience.  They have all found that what they learn from this class is invaluable.

  • What do I do when the other side says, “No?”
  • How do I respond?
  • How do I find a way to get what my client wants?
  • How do I get to a “Win-Win” situation?

This class will help you do just that.  I love helping my clients, and I love helping my fellow agents.  Join me in the CNE class and let’s work together to make each of us the best negotiators we can be for our clients and ourselves.

I am just like you – I am more than just a Realtor or an Instructor.  I have a wonderful husband, a sweet/handsome son, a daughter who is finishing her Bachelor’s in Nursing and a son-in-law who worships my daughter.  I also have a dog, a cat and a grand-dog.  I love to cook and bake, and my daughter seems to have the same love for this – we cook together a lot.  My husband and I love to travel, and we also love going to the movies.

I hope I will get to meet you soon in one of my CNE classes!  

The RENI seminar instructors are carefully selected and trained to provide a complete experience in negotiation workshops.

The Real Estate Negotiation Institute is always looking for qualified individuals to instruct future courses . . .   Do you qualify?