Sonja Nagel



I started teaching for RENI after being in Real Estate for 10 years. I was doing great in the industry, but was still not where I wanted to be in my career. I cringed the minute a seller would ask me, “What is your commission?” My first instinct was to lower my commission to get the deal. When it came to family and friends, it was worse. After taking this class, my business has improved and I have never reduced a commission or felt the pit in my stomach, when the question was asked. After speaking to many brokers and agents including my associates, I found out I was not alone in this feeling! Most of the people I knew got the same feeling. They were dropping commissions and losing money that they had worked hard for. I knew then that I wanted to help all agents and brokers get rid of the fear of not getting what they were worth.   In addition, I wanted to help them get more referral business by learning new skills that are far beyond any other training in real estate.

I have been in Real Estate since 2005, and an employing broker of my own firm in Colorado since 2008 and Arizona since 2018. I currently teach the commissions update (mandatory), CE in Colorado, and for RENI. Prior to that, I was an executive in Transportation & Logistics for myself and major Fortune 500 companies on the US and London Stock Exchange for 25 years. I was an instructor with United Parcel Services in SPIN, Making Major Sales, and Situational Sales Negotiations.

I have been married for the last 12 years and met my husband while hiring people for a re-organization of food distribution centers in Colorado, Arizona, & California. Needless to say, he came in for a job and got a wife. I am the proud mother of a daughter who is a fantastic artist in New York & Connecticut, and two amazing grandchildren; a grandson, 13, and a sassy granddaughter, 9. I have two dogs that run my house and my grocery budget. I spend a lot of time traveling and seeing places that I never thought I would see.

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