Uzma Hamid


About Me

I am a proud RENI instructor because: (a) I love teaching, I love people, and I love sharing wherever I can; (b) I am a firm believer that negotiation is a basic life skill – it is not something reserved exclusively for Realtors, attorneys or certain professionals; and (c) in my current professional capacity as a Realtor, I feel the best way I can share the understanding of this skill is by associating myself with RENI, which in my opinion is one of the best platforms, if not the best, in our industry for the skill of negotiation.

My first exposure to formal training in negotiation was when I was studying for the Bar of England and Wales. Being called to the Bar in the UK is much different from here in the US. In the US, it is just an exam. In the UK, it is one full year of training in skills such as negotiation, drafting, opinion writing, research, and a series of exams following each of the 12 modules during that year, which test not just your knowledge of the laws but also the necessary skills. I got to use those skills in my career as a practicing barrister for 5 years.

After I made a career switch from law to real estate, I started researching designations to add to my credentials. The CNE & MCNE designations by RENI specifically stood out to me because of the course outline, the depth of materials and their specific focus on real estate transactions. I firmly believe that MCNE is one of the best designations I hold. Hence, when the opportunity to teach this course presented itself, I delightfully applied to serve.

I take pride not just in my roles as a full-time realtor and an ex-attorney, but also, especially, as a teacher. Before becoming a RENI instructor, I taught undergrad law students for three years as a visiting faculty member. Teaching is something I cherish dearly.

I love food, photography, interior design, gardening and travelling. I am a mom to a super active 7-year-old handsome little guy, and a 2-year-old fur baby, both of whom keep me on my feet every single day.