Human beings are generally always learning something, and the more engaged they are in the process, the more useful the new information will be.  The neurons in the brain love to learn, and they can be compared to muscles in the body that love to exercise. 

Neurons become stimulated while learning just as muscles stretch and flex and expand while exercising.  But neurons can also get fatigued just like muscles.  The fatigue happens more quickly when the same patterns of information are repeated again and again, similar to muscles becoming fatigued throughout a set of the same exercise repetitions.

When new concepts are covered in varying ways, however, the brain has a remarkable capacity to interconnect the information and learn at a deeper rate.  Again, this is similar to working muscles throughout a series of different stations – the muscles may feel tired, but they will keep on working if you vary the exercise.

At the Real Estate Negotiation Institute, we understand how much more effective learning negotiation techniques and negotiation skills can be when concepts are presented in a variety of formats.  All of our courses offer a range of interactions with the instructor, with peers, with materials, in large groups, in small groups, and individually.  Listening, reading, role playing, discussions, and examples all work together at the RENI to provide a complete learning experience that leaves the student with a complete command of the subject.