Unless you have a partner, mentor, or other third party who will provide honest, non-judgmental feedback, chances are good that you will have to evaluate your own performance in any recent real estate negotiation. This step in wrapping up the client file should not be skipped because an honest analysis is what makes you better at your job.

First and foremost, if you sacrificed part of your commission to get the deal closed or to keep the client happy prior to closing, then you could have done better. Skilled negotiators know how to gain and keep the client’s trust, and they know that the full commission is well earned in a successful real estate transaction. Confident negotiators know how to determine what the stumbling blocks are and can use sound reason and logic to overcome the barriers without “paying” for a problem with their commission.

If you only recall the parts of the negotiation where you were successful, then you could have done better. Most negotiations, including real estate negotiations, are both give and take. Skilled negotiators are always looking for ways to satisfy both sides in a negotiation. They objectively review the negotiation for any “give” point where they might have gained additional advantage for their client or have better overcome an objection.

If you are not regularly sharpening your negotiation skills with new negotiation techniques, negotiation tips, and negotiation classes, then you could have done better. Skilled real estate negotiation depends on keeping ahead of the field, employing new methods of communication, and exploring new techniques and approaches to old issues.

In today’s market, your proven negotiation skills are an asset that sets you far apart from your competition. Effective influence techniques will help you sign more clients, close more deals, achieve higher rewards, and find true satisfaction in the real estate profession.