There are pros and cons to every type of learning environment, and that includes online training courses versus live classroom training.  Which one is right for you depends greatly on your individual style of learning.  For real estate negotiation training, you will want to pick the best environment for the best result.

Live Seminars
Many people love the live classroom experience and feel that it offers a more flexible learning approach.  With a competent instructor who is well-versed in their subject matter and knows how to engage adult learners, a live classroom experience offers opportunities to tailor the materials to the audience.  It also provides a forum where curriculum can be adapted around student questions and classroom input, known as teachable moments or delight-directed format.

However, if an instructor is not engaging or flexible, the adult learner may find it is too easy to tune out a hum-drum presentation or endless barrage of slides.  This makes the classroom experience less productive for the students.

Online Training
E-learning, on the other hand, offers a great deal of interaction to help keep students engaged in the process.  Well-crafted online training classes that mix media types and varied timing keep students actively working through the process, often resulting in greater retention.  Online courses can implement a mastery-based approach where students must pass tests periodically before moving on to new material.  This can ensure that learning takes place, whereas in the live seminar format periodic tests are less frequent and/or more difficult to implement.

Online learning without careful thought to student interaction, however, may be too easy to slide through if the student adopts a “point and click” mentality with no true self-motivation to learn.

The choice of online learning or classroom learning comes down to what is right for each individual student.  In real estate training, look for specialized negotiation training courses that offer a choice of learning environments, read reviews from actual students of the courses and the instructors, and choose the version that fits best with your personal learning style.