Continuing the series of Persuasion Principles, the fifth principle is the Sameness Persuasion Principle for real estate negotiation. The principle of sameness holds that people like to do business with people they like, want to be like, or want to be associated with. This principle is also known as the liking principle or association principle.

To take advantage of the sameness principle, try to find something that you have in common with your client or the other agent. It could be something simple as being from the same state, went to the same school or enjoy the same hobbies and interests. Always be authentic and don’t fabricate a similarity because getting caught destroys any credibility you had built now and any potential testimonial they might have made on your behalf.

This principle also applies to body language. Studies show that an unconscious connection can be made when you mirror or match someone’s body language. Try duplicating the other party’s body movement, such as folding your arms or crossing your legs about 15 seconds after they do something. This “mirroring” creates another connection that can help build the relationship.

The sameness persuasion principle also reinforces a client’s comfort level with their decisions. They will feel reassured that others have made the same decision and had a profitable outcome.

The final article for negotiation techniques based on persuasion principles will be the Sound Logic Persuasion Principle for successful real estate negotiations.