The sixth and concluding article in the Persuasion Principle series, we turn to the Sound Logic Persuasion Principle. In real estate negotiations, the principle of sound logic notes that when people are uncertain about a decision, they will look outside themselves for valid reasons to support the decision.

Sound logic and reason makes sense to people. If it makes sense, then they are more likely to do what you ask of them. To help a potential client decide to sign with you, show that you have exceeded an industry average such as average sales price in your area. It will also make sense to the client that you are the right real estate agent for them if you can demonstrate that your real estate negotiations close in shorter times for higher prices.

A credible third party – particularly an authority figure – can help logic and reason seem that much more sound. Testimonials from managers or past clients are helpful to a new client looking for reasons to set a price or make an offer. Hearing that someone else used the same logic in their decision will make the buyer or seller feel more confident in their position.

All of the persuasion principles can be used for successful real estate negotiation techniques. Be sure to review all of the Negotiation vs. Persuasion techniques outlined in our blog for real estate professionals.