The second in a Series of Persuasion Principles offered by the RENI, we examine the Uniqueness Persuasion Principle in this article. The principle of uniqueness states that people are more likely to do something if they perceive that there is an exclusiveness, scarcity, or special quality that is worth obtaining. Real estate negotiators should apply this principle when presenting their own services to potential customers as well as when presenting properties to buyers or offers to sellers. Offering something special at a great value is a very effective way to persuade.

When presenting your value to a potential customer or client, you can employ the uniqueness principle to help highlight your level of skill, accomplishment, and training. Those who have successfully completed the CNE course, MCNE program, or other specialized negotiation training offered at the RENI are in the top 10% of real estate professionals in the nation. Since negotiation is the top skill desired by clients, your services uniquely qualify you to satisfy client needs in a meaningful way.

When showing properties or presenting offers, make use of the uniqueness principle to point out features of the home or qualifications of the buyer that make them a rare find, an exclusive deal, a must-have, or a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Helping the seller create a unique listing (ideally you are the most unique listing in the neighborhood) or helping the buyer create a unique offer (especially in a multiple-offer situation) provides significant value for the client.

Successful real estate negotiation often makes use of many negotiation techniques altogether. The next post in this series will be exploring the Contrast Persuasion Principle use for successful real estate negotiation.