New Instructor Application

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a RENI Instructor! RENI is the leading negotiation training company in real estate in North America. We are always looking for new instructors who have a passion for teaching, a desire to help others, and a commitment to raising the bar.

    The ideal instructor candidate will have:

    • Strong personal desire to learn new knowledge

    • Strong desire to help students

    • Current or recent past teaching experience in real estate

    • Current or recent adult teaching experience

    • Current or past real estate sales experience

    • Willingness to teach at least 8 designation courses per year for RENI

    Please complete the application below and send your resume to If you can include a 5-minute introductory video or a video of yourself teaching any subject along you’re your resume (a YouTube link is fine), that would be very much appreciated (but not required). You will be contacted shortly after you submit your application.

    Application Form



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    Teaching Experience:

    Pre-licensing3-hour CE courses6-hour CE coursesDesignation/Certification courses


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    If other, please provide the state(s):

    RENI classes are taught at Associations and Private Brokerages as well as in Public Classes. Do you have an existing network or contacts that you could leverage to teach our classes?


    Becoming a certified RENI Instructor will take approximately 2-4 months. There may be up to 2 trips required to complete the instructor qualification process. Are you willing to invest your time and money for this opportunity?


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