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Countering the Low Ball Offer

When an aggressive low ball offer comes through on a real estate listing you represent, often the first reaction is for you and/or your seller to feel insulted. Recognize that the low ball offer is typically just a tactic to see how the sel...

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Persuade with CLASS

“I will only pay you a X% commission” the seller said emphatically. Now what was that technique I just learned?  Oh yeah – persuade with CLASS! C larify L ikeable A cknowledge S elf-Interest S olution “Ms. Seller, ...

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Identifying Value in a Negotiation

All negotiations involve multiple “value” elements.  The key to success is to first identify the value elements on each side and then “trade” value elements to reach agreement. Easier said than done!  Why?  Because most negotiator...

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What an AWESOME Feeling!

Getting a call from someone in your sphere of influence about a listing opportunity really gets the adrenaline pumping! An alumni from Bill’s college (he had graduated 22 years earlier than Bill) had called saying he was interviewing agents ...

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