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Using the Flinch Negotiation Tactic

In professional real estate negotiation, the flinch negotiation tactic is a physical reaction to communicate shock, dismay or disbelief at what you just heard. Sometimes it is involuntary; your mouth falls open. But often this negotiation tec...

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The Personal Obligation Negotiation Tactic

The personal obligation negotiation tactic can be a persuasive tool in professional real estate negotiations.  When used correctly, it has the effect of making the opposing party feel as though they “owe” you something. Most people feel a...

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The Ask Why Negotiation Tactic

In professional real estate negotiations, the ask why negotiation tactic is the bedrock of good negotiation skills. It helps identify areas of real issue, puts the spotlight on the specific problem, and lets both sides work towards a resolutio...

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The Recess / Walk-Out Negotiation Tactic

In professional real estate negotiations, the recess or walk out negotiation tactic is a threat to break off the negotiations and imply an end to all discussions. When the walk-out negotiation tactic is employed, one party leaves the room in p...

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Using the Emotion Negotiation Tactic

Few situations are as frustrating as a professional real estate negotiation that is going around in circles with no end in sight. All reasonable attempts to move through the contract points are met with evasions or outright ignored. Your oppo...

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The Broken Record Negotiation Tactic

With so many details part of a professional real estate negotiation, it can sometimes be necessary to repeat a request for clarity or inclusion. You want to make sure that your client’s interests are accurately represented in the negotiation...

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