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The Good Cop/Bad Cop Negotiation Tactic – Part 1

We have all seen the iconic good cop/bad cop approach acted out in hundreds of movies and television programs. Sometimes it is done smoothly and sometimes comically, but always the goal is to have the opposing party become so emotionally overw...

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“You Get to Be the Hero” as a Negotiation Tactic

In real estate negotiations, concessions can be won if the opposing agent feels that he or she is getting something special – that they can return to the broker as a triumphant hero. Similar to the scarcity persuasion principle, the hero neg...

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Using the Negotiation Tactic of Silence

Silence is a key negotiation technique. Silence tends to make people feel uncomfortable; using that discomfort can be an effective real estate negotiation tactic. Learning to master silence is a negotiation skill worth practicing. It may s...

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Being the Messenger as a Negotiation Tactic

In professional real estate negotiations, being “the messenger” can make it easier to counter with a difficult piece of information. As you play the role of messenger, you will be perceived as a third party with the difficult task of deliv...

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