The CNE® designation is awarded to students who successfully complete the CNE Core Concepts course.

The CNE® designation is awarded to students who successfully complete the CNE Core Concepts course.

CNE® Designation = CNE Core Concepts Course

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“As an agent who has been licensed for less than a year, theclass helped me immensely. I was a little concerned that maybe I was jumping the gun a little bit to take this training so early on in my real estate career, but it was the best thing I could’ve done. I now feel very confident in my ability to negotiate. I love that RENI teaches how to take a collaborative approach to negotiating!” — Heather Miyakawa, CNE

“Although I have been in Real Estate over 23 years, and am a licensed Associate Broker, I had never been introduced to the information you presented in your course. With my new tools, I am empowered to try a different approach than I had originally thought possible. Taking this course is like flying when you have been accustomed to traveling by mule.” — Jeanette Anderson CNE

Benefits of CNE& MCNE training:

• more confidence
• superior skills
• far better results for clients and yourself
• greater trust with clients
• belong to an elite group of professionals
• stand out from the crowd
• create a far better experience for clients
• marketing advantage

CNE Core Concepts Course


This course is RENI’s flagship course based on the best research and resources in business negotiation. The CNE Core Concepts course is the leading negotiation training course in real estate in North America.

Course Content:
• Competitive Win-Lose vs. Collaborative Win-Win Negotiating- You will understand the differences in these two classic approaches and how to use both approaches to get the best outcome for your client and yourself.
• Psychology of Buying- Making a purchase (or sale) decision involves both emotion and logic. Learn how the brain makes purchase decisions and how you can influence the brain in the decision-making process.
• Value Proposition- Your Value Proposition will influence whether your client hires you or someone else. Here you will learn how to present your Value Proposition in a compelling way.
• Persuasion Principles- Using proven persuasion approaches will increase your success rate at influencing others. Here we cover 7 proven persuasion approaches that will increase your success rate at influencing and persuading others. This section also includes over 100 scripts for real estate negotiation situations that use one or more of these proven persuasion approaches.
• ACCE™ Model and Planning Guide- Using a disciplined, structured negotiation approach will give your clients confidence in you as a real estate professional. You will receive a three-page planning guide to assist you in planning effectivereal estate negotiations.
• Collaborative Learning Environment- You will be encouraged to participate and contribute to small and large group discussions. Your comment or question can trigger a thought or additional question in someone else which helps make the learning experience richer and more beneficial.
• Case Studies- We show how all of the techniques and approaches taught can be applied in actual real estate transactions. And we show case studies in both a Seller’s and Buyer’s market as well as Agent to Agent negotiations!
• Skill Practice/Role Plays- At the end of day 2 you will get a chance to practice your new skills in a safe environment that will lead to success in your real estate practice.
• Post-Class Materials- After class you will receive professionally designed marketing materials, the CNE logos,and all of the forms discussed in class to promote your CNE designation and skills. And most of the forms are customizable for your own business!