Are you frustrated with the number of times you missed sealing the deal on your clients’ dream home? 

Do you want to be able to make your client’s dreams come true every time and help your success rate skyrocket? 

Negotiation skills (including persuasion skills) will help you in every phase of real estate – from lead generation to getting referrals from past clients after the transaction is completed. Our professional negotiation course coupled with our exceptional Expert Negotiation Instructors will bring you winning results faster, give you greater confidence in all your negotiation situations, and set you apart from your peers as an industry leader!

Stand out from the crowd! Register today for our Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) Designation Course.


Help Clients Achieve Better Results Faster

  • Use your persuasion skills to negotiate better outcomes for your clients and yourself.

Become a Highly Successful Professional

  • Provide for your family, become a respected professional, and accomplish other important goals. The CNE training will expedite your ability to hit all of these goals.

Feel Confident

  • You’ll leave this training with superior negotiation skills and be confident in negotiating any deal both inside and outside real estate.

Build Your Career

  • Easily applicable and effective techniques giving you immediate results that lead to even better results.

Save Time

  • You’ll eliminate guessing or reinventing the wheel and reduce your learning curve because the CNE course provides you with effective and proven negotiation processes.

Build Trust to Win Clients

  • Trust leads to more information sharing, improved relationships, and far better results.  Learn this critical element to create clients for life including an ongoing stream of referrals.

No Hidden Fees

  • No annual fees, no application fees, no add-on fees, no surprises!


  • CNE courses are either in-person or live interactive Zoom experiences.
  • The CNE course includes negotiation theory, exercises, group discussions, case studies, and role-plays to develop your current negotiation skills quickly, equip you with new techniques, and train you with proven strategies. This will definitely give you the winning advantage in all your negotiations and help accelerate your career.
  • Interactive Zoom courses include chat rooms, breakout sessions, polls, and group discussions to maximize participation.
  • The CNE course is held in 3 to 4 half-day sessions or 2 full-day sessions. Courses include a lunch break (full-day sessions) and frequent breaks so you can conduct important business as necessary. (Half-day sessions maybe 3 or 4 hours and full-day sessions are 6 hours long.)


  • Competitive Win-Lose vs. Collaborative Win-Win Negotiating
  • Psychology of Buying
  • Value Proposition
  • Persuasion Principles and Scripts
  • ACCE™ Model and Planning Guide
  • Case Studies and Role Plays


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