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Have you ever fallen short of securing your client’s dream home, or just wonder why a particular deal didn’t close when you were so certain it would?

No matter what your role may be in the broader real estate sector, you want to make your client’s dreams come true each and every time you work with someone—and of course, you want your own success rate to skyrocket, too.

Negotiation skills, including the all-important art of persuasion, will give you the edge in every facet of real estate, and in every step of the real estate life cycle—from lead generation to earning referrals from past clients after their own transactions are complete. Negotiation is a critical business skill we need to succeed in deal-making of any kind. But where to start?

Our professional negotiation course, with our exceptional Expert Negotiation Instructors at the helm, will help you achieve winning results faster, bolster your confidence in all your negotiation situations, and set you apart from your peers as a true industry leader. Best of all, it’s comprehensive—yet fast to complete—putting you back out in the field to focus on your real estate opportunities in as little as 12 hours of instruction. With training this inclusive and with such a quick turnaround, the CNE is one course you can’t afford to miss.

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Help Clients Achieve Better Results Faster

Learn how to use your persuasion skills at every step of the process to negotiate better outcomes for your clients—and for yourself.

Become a Highly Successful Professional

Provide for your future and your family, become a respected professional in your market, and accomplish any other goals that are important to you. The CNE training will expedite your ability to hit every goal you set for yourself.

Feel Confident

Conquer your nerves and rely on your strengths. You’ll leave our CNE training with superior negotiation skills, and just as importantly, with the confidence to negotiate any deal moving forward—whether inside or outside of the real estate industry.

Build Your Career

Learn easily applicable and effective techniques for negotiation and persuasion. You’ll leave with practical tips you can put into practice right away, for immediate results that will lead to even better long-term outcomes for your clients and for your career.

Save Time

Eliminate the guesswork and forget reinventing the wheel. Our CNE course will reduce your learning curve by giving you effective and proven negotiation processes that just make sense.

Build Trust to Win Clients

Trust leads to deeper information-sharing, improved working relationships, and far greater results across just about every metric. Learn this critical element to create “clients for life,” including an ongoing stream of referrals that your satisfied clients will generate for you.

No Hidden Fees

Rest easy knowing the CNE designation has no annual fees, no application fees, and no add-on fees—in short, there are no surprises!


  • Competitive Win-Lose vs. Collaborative Win-Win Negotiating
  • Psychology of Buying
  • Value Proposition
  • Persuasion Principles and Scripts
  • ACCE™ Model and Planning Guide
  • Case Studies and Role Plays


Your time is valuable, and you want to get the most out of any professional training since it means time away from the job. We want to make it easy for you to know just what to expect.

  • CNE courses are conducted either in-person or via live interactive Zoom experiences. You can select the instructional method that works best for your own learning style.
  • The in-person CNE courses and live Zoom courses are held in two full-day sessions, or in three half-day sessions. Full-day courses are typically around 6 hours long, and include a lunch break and frequent breaks so you can conduct important business outside of the classroom as needed. Half-day sessions are generally 4 hours.
  • Interactive Zoom courses include chat rooms, breakout sessions, polls, and group discussions to maximize participation.
  • The CNE course includes applied negotiation theory, various exercises, group discussions, case studies, and role-playing to develop your current negotiation skills quickly, train you with proven strategies, and equip you with new techniques. The variety of instruction will give you the winning advantage in your negotiations, and help you accelerate your career.

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