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Separate Yourself From the Crowd!

The real estate industry has changed dramatically in recent years. Gone are the days when brokers controlled market information. Sellers and buyers have access to endless market data on the internet, and no longer have to rely solely on data from real estate brokers and agents. Most recently, consumers are seeing an influx of new brokerage models and value propositions.

So what value can real estate agents provide in today’s vastly different marketplace?
The one skill area that clients expect in their real estate professional is negotiation skills. Negotiation skills determine the ultimate outcome for both sides in a negotiation. The clients set the goals they want to achieve and it is the agent’s responsibility to persuade or influence the other side to accept the terms. Clearly, the best trained negotiator has the advantage.

The best way to learn effective negotiation skills is by gaining knowledge and then practicing professional negotiation techniques prior to representing a client. The Real Estate Negotiation Institute brings the highest level of professional negotiation training to the real estate industry. Acquiring professional negotiation skills will allow you to demonstrate the superior knowledge that leads to better results for your clients and for yourself.

Your client will clearly see the difference in a trained negotiator vs. the average real estate agent.
If you have never taken professional negotiation training, you simply do not know what you are missing! The Real Estate Negotiation Institute instructors collectively have hundreds of years of professional negotiation experience inside and outside of real estate. RENI training shows how to use professional negotiation tactics, tips, and insights in real estate negotiation situations. These approaches help agents achieve superior results for their clients and themselves. Join the thousands of agents around the country who are reaching new heights in their real estate career!


Everyone Benefits from Negotiation Training!

As the owner or manager of a real estate brokerage, you are responsible for helping agents succeed in one of the most challenging markets anywhere. We offer private negotiation workshops to help you help them.

How can negotiation skills training help your agents and you become more successful? We offer private training sessions for your brokerage that will enable your agents to produce at their highest level. Improving your agents’ negotiation skills will create a win for everyone!


Bring the Best and Most Beneficial Training to Your Agents!

Your member agents are always looking for the best training available to help them be successful in their real estate career. Ideally, that training must be effective, proven, and have immediate benefits.

The Real Estate Negotiation Institute now offers professional negotiation skill training that is effective and proven to have immediate benefits for your member agents. Using leading-edge negotiation research from over 100 negotiation authors, institutions, and researchers, we have taken the best negotiation approaches and techniques and applied them to real estate negotiation situations. Adult interactive learning techniques – including group discussions, role plays, skill practice, exercises, student teaching, etc. – are utilized to improve comprehension and retention for the students.


Bring practical, substantive “value added” benefits to your membership; be seen as being at the leading edge of providing skills to your membership that set them and you apart in your market place.”