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Instructor Course Submission Form

Instructor Course Submission Form



Please complete the following form to add a new class to the RENI calendar. No class is considered firm until it is approved by RENI.

New Class Guidelines: When booking a new class within 6 weeks and/or 120 miles from an existing class, the booking instructor (you) must obtain agreement from the instructor of the existing class.


    Your Name: Provide your email contact address: Today's Date: Instructor: Course Title: Course Start Date: Course End Date: City: State: What is the classroom capacity limit? Sponsoring Organization: Name of building where class is being held: Training Address (address, city, state, zip): Is this course open to anyone?: YesNo Are CE credits available in this state?: YesNo If yes, how many? Do you have a state-recognized CE code or a legally required statement?: YesNo If yes, what is it? Time Class Starts: Time Class Ends: Time Zone: Time Class Sign-In Starts: Course fee ($) Is a discount being offered? YesNo If yes, how much? Do you have a separate link for class registration? YesNo If yes, what is it? Should the course be included on the RENI website calendar? YesNo Should registration payments be accepted in the RENI website cart? YesNo What counties should this class be marketed to? General Notes: