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According to NAR® negotiation is one of the most important skills a real estate agent can offer a client. (NAR® Survey of Buyers and Sellers)

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CNE® Designation Logo


The Real Estate Negotiation Institute is the national leader in negotiation training for real estate agents. Since 2005, we have trained over 55,000 agents and improved their value.

  • Give your members a competitive advantage that is valuable to their business, creating better results and protection for all parties.
  • RENI brings training that was previously only available to executives and attorneys to the real estate industry, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Over 55,000 satisfied graduates in the past 12 years.
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PROMOTE OUR NEGOTIATION MEMBERSHIP PORTAL is the only comprehensive negotiation training system for real estate professionals in the world.

  • Over 700 real negotiation solutions available (and constantly growing).
  • Already endorsed by some of the top associations in the country.
  • Revenue sharing opportunities available for associations.

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