Protecting consumers has been the major focus of the Real Estate Negotiation Institute (RENI) since its beginning. Our representation training helps protect consumers in the following ways:

  • Our Course Content is primarily based on representation principles and techniques taught at the best schools in the country (e.g. Harvard University, The Wharton School, Stanford, etc.). We show how these approaches can be applied to real estate transactions. These are tried and true approaches to protecting clients and getting improved results in a given situation. The foundation of our training comes from decades of development at prestigious institutions including the Harvard Project on Negotiation (of which we are members).
  • In our Representation Basics and Styles sections, we teach that proper representation is a balance of assertiveness and cooperation. Without this balance, agents can blow the deal for their client by being overly-aggressive and unconcerned about the other side’s needs and interests. We must protect our client’s interests while ensuring that the other client’s needs are at least adequately met.
  • In our Distributive Bargaining section, we discuss the characteristics of and tactics used by highly aggressive negotiators and how to protect your client against these types of intimidating and often unethical practices.
  • In our Integrative Representation section, we cover the collaborative approach to representation that can very often lead to better results for your client. The focus here is on putting enough information out in the open so both parties can achieve adequate satisfaction.
  • In our Representation Principles section, we acquaint agents with several proven persuasion approaches to help agents ethically persuade the other side to accept their client’s terms and conditions. Using sound logic, contrast, self-interest, exchange, and other ethical approaches, an agent will successfully represent and protect his/her client’s interests.
  • We also introduce students to our Representation Model that helps agents represent clients with a structured, disciplined approach vs. a “shoot from the hip” or “winging it” approach. Disciplined planning, gathering and giving information, and ethical, proactive influencing are all critical elements of effective representation.
  • We believe in having our students leave the classroom with practical application experience, so we incorporate exercises, case studies, and role plays throughout our training. This way our students leave knowing how to apply what they have learned to better protect and serve their clients.

With many instructors nationally, RENI has taught 70,000+ agents and brokers to better represent and protect their clients. RENI courses have been approved in over 30 states for continuing education credit hours We have received thousands of testimonials from agents and brokers about the value of our training in representing real estate clients. And 98% of our graduates say they can better represent and protect their clients after taking our training.

Our mission is simple: to help real estate agents get better results and protect clients better.
Tom Hayman
Real Estate Negotiation Institute