Seller Multiple Offers Process Guide

Seller Multiple Offers Process Guide

Seller Multiple Offers Process Guide


• Process Summary
• Leading a Multiple Offers Process
• Multiple Offers Considerations
• Seller Multiple Offers Process Checklist
• Seller Invitation to Offer and Offer Term Sheet with Examples
• Seller Multiple Offers Process Worksheet with Examples
• Customizable Forms
• 29 Pages


Imagine – Your Own Multiple Offers Negotiation GPS!

Demonstrate true multiple offers expertise for your clients. The ‘SELLER MULTIPLE OFFERS PROCESS GUIDE’ is designed to help a Listing Agent evaluate various options to maximize Seller Total Value. This guide includes the complete process with checklists, worksheets, summaries, scripts, examples, and customizable forms. You will learn to manage a multiple offers process for your Seller like a real pro!

The ‘SELLER MULTIPLE OFFERS PROCESS GUIDE’ breaks down the 6-key elements of the competitive process to produce attractive results for your Seller. You will not only learn how to plan & execute multiple offers scenarios, but you will also have the checklists & worksheets to reuse for every future situation. No more second-guessing or reinventing the wheel; we did the work for you so you can confidently and successfully achieve the goals of your Seller.

Additional information

Additional Information:

See UPCOMING CLASSES for Certified Multiple Offer Expert designation classes.

For Certified Multiple Offers Expert (CMOE) class cancellations, RENI will issue a class credit for the full registration fee that can be used toward a future class within one year of the original class date.

If travel reservations are required for your attendance, the student agrees to check back with RENI 10 days prior to the event to confirm the class is being held. If the class is cancelled, and the student did not check back in to confirm class status, travel expenses will not be reimbursed.

Process Guide Options:
1. Buy a guide on our website and walk yourself through it independently. No CMOE designation is awarded.
2. Register for the CMOE class, and the corresponding guides will be included at no extra charge. The CMOE designation will be awarded at the end of class.
3. Buy a guide and try to utilize it on your own, but then find you need extra support, or would like the CMOE designation. Then, register for the CMOE class at a later time. No class credit for the prior purchase of the guides is given for this option.


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